Roadwarrior users unable to access internet

  • Hi.

    Many versions ago I installed RoadWarrior IPSec using this guide.

    I've always used the VPN to access LAN services and always worked fine, but lately I wanted to use it even for normal browsing while connected to unsecure network but I found out it won't allow internet access. I checked the configuration and everything seems fine, in the Mobile client tab I just enabled Provide a virtual IP address to clients with a custom network and Provide a DNS server list to clients with our internal DNSes.

    In the Firewall section I've a rule to access all IPv4+6 traffic. In the P2 section of the VPN I've stated as Local network.

    When connected I noticed DNS resolution doesn't work, even removing the DNS override in the server configuration. Ping to local LAN works, but any outside destination (like won't. What puzzles me is that even with the local DNSes, which are pingable, the DNS resolution doesn't work from Android while connected using StrongSwan.

    Sadly on Android I cannot see what's wrong, and I cannot figure out the problem. Any suggestion?


  • are you pushing DNS? Located in mobile tab, DNS, push google or which ever DNS you use. Also check firewall to make sure you're passing traffic to the right interface from the right subnet. I threw my virtual IP/30 within the same main IP sub.

  • found out! I have manual outbount NAT, so I needed to create a NAT rule from the IPSec subnet to the WAN interface

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