Dashboard GUI

  • Hello everyone, just wanna ask simple question : is there any chance to delete all widgets on dashboard or restore Dashboard GUI to it's original state? coz I'm not sure I did something wrong on the dashboard but I failed to delete some widgets; like thermo and installed packages widgets are stuck (the 'x' sign doesn't work). I don't wanna reinstall my pfsense just to make it right again. Any clue or enlightment would be very very appreciated. thanks.

  • Very dangerous territory to play around in if you are not experienced and if you don't have a configuration backup, but you can fix the problem by hand-editing the config.xml file in /conf.  So before you do anything else, go to DIAGNOSTICS > BACKUP AND RESTORE and create a configuration backup.

    The pertinent section looks like this in the file: (note that yours will be different as you have different widgets enabled)


    The code deciphers as follows – you have the widget name followed by the column it resides in on the screen and then a value to indicate if the widget is "open" or "closed" (visible or hidden).  The fields for a given widget are delimited by colons, and the widget entries themselves are delimited by commas.  Fine the errant widgets, delete them from the <sequence>element key, and then save the edited file.


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