DHCP and 1.2.1-rc2

  • I am not sure if this belongs here but I start it here.  I add an additional vitural interface to my virtual PF-Sense server this morning.  I had on werid thing happen:  All VPN tunnels failed.  I fixed DHCP and and internet access from the OPT1 interface and they where still failing.

    So I used the auto-update feature and it fixed everything on that reguard.  Then my next issue popped up.  I found that I could not run my DHCP on my SBS 2003 server and my PF-Sense box at the same time.  So I decided to setup SBS to handle DHCP for both of my class subnets  ( example (subnet 1), (subnet 2)).  This worked and devices on both networks can surf the internet.  Bonus my VPNS also cam back up.

    One issue arose, My wireless printer is is connect to subnet 2 is getting a ip address from subnet 2.  it's werid.

    I going to try to give you a diagram of my network:

    DSL –-- PF-SENSE(XEN) -------- DELL Switch LAN (single VLAN, subnet 1 devices connected here )
                                                \                  SBS 2003 (XEN)
                                                \                  FREENAS (XEN)
                                                  \                Raptor (physical box)
                                                    \  Nortel 450T (Single VLAN, subnet 2 devices connected here )
                                                                    Linksys Router
                                                                    DVR from Dish
                                                                    HP Printer
                                                                    DELL Laptop

    The HP Printer continues to get a address from the wrong subnet.  Does anybody have any suggestions.

    I can tell you that the RC2 has corrected alot of performance issues with VPN and IPSEC from a vitrual machine.  It runs great.  I am no longer have any issues.  Had to do a little network redesign due to a new virus.

    It's really nasty and it caused alot grief.  Many thank to the hardwaorking people developing PF-Sense.  It is one of the best products on the market.  Many thanks.

  • I found the answer to my own question.  We went to enbale the bluetooth on the printer and I had to go into the advanced settings.  It looks like I had set a static ip address server months ago.  It pays to weite this stuff down.

    The lastest version of PF-Sense is solid.  Overall it is a great product and I would not even think about switching to anythig else at this point.  I keep converting friends and business partners.

    The more I work with it, the better I like it.  The PF-Sense Team rocks.  I can't wait until release 2.0 hits RC.

    From what I have seen release 2.0 is going to be a great product.  I have run some virtual tests with it and have not reun into any issues.

    The Best way with a virtual machine I have found is to create one image and then export it.  Re-import the image with a different name.  Do not restart the image once it is imported.  Shut down your primary image.  Bring up the secondary image.  Upgrade that image to the 2.0 image.  It work like a charm.  I have done this on a few occasions and it has never failed me yet.


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