Sometimes there is a bottleneck on my lan

  • Hi everybody, i have some questions about pfsense.

    I read on some information related on low pfsense throughput.

    I used the command prompt option on pfsense and here is the results of top -aSH command:

    top aSH

    And here is my network cards:


    I have 130 users between pc and laptops and 30 xerox 3320 printers.  I only have a WAN and a LAN card to manage all connections.

    CPU is a Workstation Dell Precision T5400, Intel Xeon 2.33 GHz QuadCore socket LGA771, 4Gb Ram DDR2 SDRAM, HDD 500 Gb, LAN card Broadcom Gigabyte Ethernet, PCI Express Video Card 256 MB DDR2 SDRAM.

    WAN card it's PCI Davicom Chip.

    What i'm thinking first is to add a new PCI Express Network card to change the old PCI card that i'm using as a WAN, just to try if that improves the bottleneck that users have sometimes on a regular day.

    What suggestions do you guys have?

    Best regards

  • what problem do you have exactly ? bottleneck on lan ?
    lan traffic isn't involved with pfsense in any way if its on the same layer2 ….
    you only post screenshots of idle cpu's .....

    please draw a schematic of your network (with all required info). Then explain the actual problem (use figures). Then post some diagnostic information when the problem is happening.

  • Thanks for answer.  I'll do that with examples.


  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    As helper correctly stated traffic between "lan" devices has nothing to do with pfsense.  If your talking from you lan to your wan (internet) what is the pipe you have for internet?  130 user sharing internet can quite often be a problem if the internet is connection is not fat enough for them all to get a speeds.

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