• Dear All,

    I am new in networking, i have studied ICND1, studying ICND2.

    we do not have router in our office, I have a problem in my pfsense (2.3.4) router, there is packet loss issue at my wan gateway (202.12x.xx.17/29). My wan static ip is 202.12x.xx.18/29. I have L3 switch which is responsible for inter Vlan routing, my pfsense Lan interface is which is plugged into (L3 switch) Vlan port (untagged port # 14), is it ok to plugged into an untagged port or should i have to plugged into tagged port (port # 23 is tagged). will it resolve the issue? I have extreme network switches.
    I also changed all the ethrnet cables.
    basically i have connection going direct to L3 Switch> L3 switch > pfsense. All other switches (five L2 switches) connected to L3 device.

    I contact my ISP, but there is not a problem from ISP. i have 10 mega bits per second link. clients experiencing slow internet browsing.

    please please please help me out, i am new to this job, i am studying ICND2, cant figure it out what the problem is.

  • try

    System/ Routing/ Gateways/ Edit


    Data Payload  = 1


    send /Diagnostic/ ARPing to gateway ip from cron

  • Are you using Google or as your gateway monitoring destination?  If so, change it.  Google will drop packets thereby creating a false positive packet loss.