How to resolve specific host with different DNS Server?

  • Hello Team,

    I have many DNS server in my firewall.
    I want to resolve for example all * with a different DNS Server than the default pfSense DNS Server.
    My Local network is and the Local DNS Server is
    By default all the request in my LAN is going to the DNS Server of pfSense which is fine. has the ip and can be resolved with the DNS Server has the ip and can be resolved with the DNS Server

    How can I create a rule so that all the request comes to the domain * should be forwarded to the DNS server instead of the Default ??

    pfSense Version 2.3.2-RELEASE


  • @Boyz:

    I have many DNS server in my firewall.

    Explain this first.
    You have a DNS server ( 1 !), unbound, the resolver, or the forwarder listening on port 53.
    Impossible to have more then one server (web, DNS, mail, whatever) running on the same server using the default ports.

    I thought for a moment : Ok, let's setup the resolver to LAN (only) - expecting to launch other instances on other LAN (OPTx) interfaces, but, I was been thrown this in the face :
    This system is configured to use the DNS Resolver as its DNS server, so Localhost or All must be selected in Network Interfaces.
    So, this is a no-go.

    Don't says this :

    pfSense Version 2.3.2-RELEASE

    It complicates help (support, whatever). No one wants to keep the old bugs, no one wantq to miss the new features.

  • In pfSense i'am using "DNS forwarder" as a DNS Server.
    I have 2 WAN connections for the internet and 1 more WAN Connection from our Server Provider to access their servers and services directly.
    The Server Provider has also their own DNS Server like google, their web url's can be resolved only through their DNS Server.
    I created already static routes and firewall rules on Lan interface to reach their IPs.
    Manuell host override does work's fine for example "Host Name Server Provider -> IP Server Provider"
    I want the host override happen automatically for all their Host Names, since there are too many IP's and Host Names.
    I want a simple rule on LAN Interface which tells all request comes to domain *.xyz should use the DNS Server of the Server Provider to resolve the IP's instead of pfSense localhost.


  • really disappointed of the support here…