• Hi everyone , I have some questions about "Quick setup " in Traffic Shaper , why does the system ask me choose games for priority if after configuration i do not see any rules just a table with % in traffic shaper  and number of priority . How does  system take arguments for this purpuse?  .I thought that after configuration, system add rules with speed , priority and dest port.

    P.S I read that after configuration system should to create rules but i can not find it in 'RULES'

  • Check your Floating rules.

  • @KOM:

    Check your Floating rules.

    Can you help me  floating rules works in both direction LAN/WAN or i should to choose?
    In column source

    ![?????? ?????? ?? 2017-08-25 14:04:40.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/?????? ?????? ?? 2017-08-25 14:04:40.png)
    ![?????? ?????? ?? 2017-08-25 14:04:40.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/?????? ?????? ?? 2017-08-25 14:04:40.png_thumb)

  • Your floating rules should be for WAN, and leave the Source as *****.