Where is Snort?

  • I am running pfSense 1.2-RELEASE. I do not see Snort listed on the packages, and it is not installed. Actually, before I even thought about putting snort on my pfSense box, I installed it onto another one of my servers behind the pfSense- and to my disappointment it only detected traffic directed at it or some UDP traffic created by some PnP services on the network… Obviously pfSense does a very good job at sending the data to who it needs to go to.

    Anyway, is there a way I can install Snort on my pfSense box?

  • Do a search for snort and you will find why snort is no longer maintained. This question is asked so often, perhaps it should be a sticky…

  • Simple answer…. Update to 1.2.2. Snort is there, though still a bit buggy and currently having updating problems but it'll be fixed soon with the 1.2.3 (So I hear)

  • Snort is working in 1.2.2 which is im using it now. You should try 1.2.2 and download the latest snort rules. But again, my Q is can we block torrents ports in snort? Ive tried blocking the torrent ports though using firewall rules LAN and open the ports only e.g http/https/53 …
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