• Hi, does pfsense have a simple server / IP monitoring and alerting tool?
    For example we want pfsense to ping a certain IP (internal server) and send out alert / email if not responding.
    If pfsense doesn't have this, is there a package that can do this? thank you.

  • you can do what you want with a script…
    have a look here and change it as you need:

    to send email config in: System/Advanced/Notifications/E-Mail
    and after that you can use something like this:

    echo "add your mesage here..." | /usr/local/bin/php -q /usr/local/bin/mail.php -s"add your subject here... !"

  • Thanks for the workaround.
    Any add-on tools / packages that will provide an interface for something similar to this?


  • Normally you don't have networking gear monitoring devices on your network.  Something like OpenNMS could do this for you or Nagios or any of the other monitoring platforms out there.  So in short, this isn't something that you'd have pfSense do.

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    With tim here.. if your wanting to monitor your internal network multiple better easier options to get going.  To mention couple more - there is observium, zabbix, munin, prtg if just ping is what you want - smokeping is great!

    I personally use domotz.. You can run it on a PI, on a vm or buy one of their little appliances.. Done ;)  all kinds of alerts can be setup, for when stuff goes offline - when something new comes on the network, etc.  I have it send alerts to my phone (via their app).. And email as well.  Example I know when my either of my sons phones jump on my wifi and then when they are off it.. They no longer live at home - but I know when they stop by from the little pop up I get on my phone ;)

    Has snmp support and can be setup to monitor specific services.  From the app on my phone I can check switches interface bandwidth use on my switch for example.

    It is very reasonable price - 36$ a year..  Very slick solution with quick deploy and set it and forget to be honest.. https://www.domotz.com/

  • +1 for Zabbix.  $0 per year.