IPSec EAP-RADIUS not pushing DNS to iOS

  • I have an IPSec VPN setup on my pfSense 2.3.4 router.  The VPN is setup using IKEv2 and is using EAP-RADIUS for authentication.  It is NOT configured for split DNS.

    The VPN works correctly with Windows clients.  However, on Apple iPhone iOS 10, the DNS server configuration is not being pushed to the client.  The iPhone is able to connect to the VPN, and it's also able to ping internal IP addresses just fine, however it cannot lookup internal addresses because it's still using the public DNS server, not the VPN DNS server.

    I have read that there is a problem pushing the DNS to Apple devices when using split tunneling or split DNS.  I have turned off split DNS on the pfSense VPN configuration.  I'm unsure how split tunneling can be setup on the VPN server side.  And on the Apple iPhone client side, for IKEv2 VPN's, I do not see a slider for using the VPN for all traffic.

    Any ideas or hints to get iPhone iOS devices working with this VPN configuration?