• First: I do apologize if I put this in the wrong area.

    I had an ASUS router a while back before I came to the attention of pfSense. (awesome!).  So on my ASUS router I could set an option for reverse NAT. meaning that I am able to take my dynDNS name and use that on my LAN and it would resolve.

    In my house I would type "example.dyndns.org:8443" and I would get my server web interface.

    When in another town I could type "example.dyndns.org:8443" and I would get my server web interface, same thing.

    I have searched the webs and support pages and I find a little but not enough.

    Any one??

  • If all you're doing is providing local host names, you don't need DynDNS.  pfSense has 2 built in DNS servers.  Just configure your local names there.  You can even have DHCP pass the names to the DNS server.