NAT address pool options

  • Hi,
    I'm hoping someone can answer this about NAT pool options.

    I have one device that is making several requests out. I would like it to pick a random address from the NAT pool each time.  Is this what the random option does? I know that most new firewalls do this based on a source IP hash (which is a specific option in pfsense) but results in the same NAT'd address being used.

    Any responses are appreciated.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It depends on what you are using for the pool and the options picked in the GUI.

    If you used a host alias with a few IP addresses inside, then all it can do is round-robin NAT that. So one time it gets address x.x.x.a, then x.x.x.b, then x.x.x.c and so on for each new state created from that NAT rule.

    If you used an entire subnet definition and you choose "random" then it would do what it says and pull an address randomly from the subnet.