(Solved) L2TP over IPsec not routing properly

  • Hello,

    I am having strange issues with my vpn config I set it up acording to the offical documentation.

    I am kind of a noob if it comes to this stuff I have previulsy just worked with cisco hardware.

    My Problem is that my clients are connecting into the vpn and not getting any further.
    But from my local LAN I can ping my vpn clients.

    Now I know how to google and I have found multiple users expieencing the same Issues but I am certain that my rules are set correctly.
    (I have [just for testing of course] configured it like in the documentation any to any, if I am missing something very obvious please point it out.


  • Sorry for the uneccesary Post,

    got it to work thanks to this documentation.

    It seems like in pfsense 2.4.0 I still have to set:

    • Add a system tunable net.inet.ipsec.filtertunnel=1 (this may not be required any longer)

    Well anyways it works now