• Alguém consegue me ajudar a configurar o pfsense.
    Tenho o problema do dns probe fail em todos os canais de lan que tenho
    Wan: pen 3g
    Lan: ethernet card
    WiFi: wireless card

    Quem puder ajudar agradeço
    Se for necessário aceder para verificar
    Dou link e dados

    Bruno Cunha

  • Well, I would suggest you my working solutions. Just give at least a one try to the given solution.

    Resetting Chrome's Flag Setting may help you. I am suggesting this solution after looking at your Problem Cause. So try this.

    • Open Chrome and visit chrome://flags/

    • You will see the Settings Page. At the Right side you will find Reset all to the default option. Just tap that button.

    • That's it. Now just restart the browser and/or your machine too, though, not necessary.

    Hope this solutions helps you resolve your issues. If problem still persists, then try other solutions concluded by myself at here: DNS PROBE FINISHED NXDOMAIN Error Fix
    Thank you!

  • Habilita opção Forwarding Mode no DNS Resolver.

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