• Hi,
    I try to set up a L2TP server for windows clients on a pfsence Firewall. The Firewall has an official IP directly on the WAN Interface.
    First, I configured the L2TP Tunnel like in the screenshot 1.

    Then I added a user (screenshot 2).

    I made two Firewall rules; I allowed 500 and 1701 (TCP/UDP) to any destination from any source (screenshot 3).

    Finally, I added a rule in the “L2TP VPN” register which allows any source to any destination (screenshot 4).

    On the windows machine, I’ve configured the tunnel (screenshot 5) and I always get the error shown on screenshot 6.

    In the “Firewall Rules” I can then see a change by “Status” (screenshot 7), but it still doesn’t work.

    If I configure the tunnel on an iPhone, I get the error “Can’t reach the L2TP server”.

    Does anybody know what I did wrong or what I’ve forgotten?
    Thank you!