Services: LoadBalancer (relayd )

  • Hello,
    not sure if this is the correct section to post question about load balancer service .
    I am using a cluster of two pfsense (release 2.3.4) .

    I know load balancing work in inbound direction , virtual server address defined on wan interface , forwarding sessions to internal pool/s.

    Is it possible to do load balancing on the lan side of the pfsense ?
    I have two internal smtp servers, and would like some  devices to use to as smarthost the "balanced" address , to have failover in case of primary smtp maintenance.

    Thanks you

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It is possible but tricky. If the servers are on a different local segment than the clients it would be OK, works the same as if it were remote. Setup the relay VS on the LAN with a VIP and so on.

    If the servers and the clients are in the same subnet, then you have to mask the client address with outbound NAT so the replies return to the correct location. In that case something fancier like haproxy would be a better bet as it's a true proxy.

  • Thanks jimp for the answer.
    I am gonna investigate haproxy ;-)