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    Has anyone registered / evaluated the RMM "PFMONITOR"?  The website is pfmonitor dot com. I am looking for an RMM to for my clients that does all that this service offers; but I am not sure I trust this site. And, being that we are dealing with firewalls, thought I would ask the question here before I go any further.

    I am not super trusting of a site that has this as the front page of the portal this tool asks you to use:  black-knights dot org.

    I can't find any reviews on the web - is it because it's so new, or because it's some sort illicit software?  Either way, the public should know about it….

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  • I think it's being run by this guy: MasterX-BKC-

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    Yeah its ran by a guy that posts here.. KOM has it right..  But its possible all the threads he had here about it have been removed?  I just looked for one that I knew I had posted in and forum says its not there..

    You could read out to him via PM… I tried it for a bit when he first started it.. He was doing some neat stuff..  But after testing it had no further interest in it.. And his ultimate goal was to charge for the service, etc.  There are a shit ton of high end sites to send syslog too, etc.  If what you want to do is store your info in the cloud and get reports out of it, etc.  Not sure how he could compete with those..

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    The friendly admins here deleted all of my posts even remotely regarding it.  If you would like a free trial all you have to do is ask me ;)

    I guess Jim was not happy to see someone else develop a system like this.

    The idea has crossed my mind a few times that if too much animosity is fostered towards me for developing this(from certain people not in this thread yet), i could just opensource the whole package with a license that it CANNOT be resold in any form, service, etc, so the masses can use it, and NOONE can offer it for sale.  Hard ball can indeed go both ways.  I already have a posh day job, i dont NEED to make any money off this project, but some nickels and dimes here and there is a nice thanks.

    The story that i created this to sell is nonsense, i do sell it now, but i originally created it for my own use as i work for a large MSP and we have dozens of pfSense and some OPNSense firewalls our across the country, i got unhappy with having to remote into every single one of them to do updates to ACL lists and firmware updates every time a new one came out, so i built this, and then realized how useful i had made it, decided others should have it to.  If i was trying to get rich, i wouldn't be asking for $1 per device.  I just want it to pay for its own server co-location costs.

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    The story that i created this to sell is nonsense, i do sell it now

    We have been very clear about this, you cannot use our resources to advertise your services. There was a lengthy pfmonitor thread here until you revealed it will not be free. Because you changed your project to commercial we were forced to lock and eventually remove the pfmonitor thread. We left with an explanation on the pfmonitor thread long enough so everyone who have been using it could reach out to you.

    Moderation has been very fair to you even though we were aware of how will it end. You're welcome to use your own resources and audience for services you provide. You cannot use our forums to sell your software. Your continued passive aggressive remarks towards us have been noted.