Load Balancer Fails with HTTPS; Goes To Management Page

  • I'm having a problem with load balancing.  I have a website that is balanced between two devices.  The Virtual IP, NAT, etc. all work as they should.  Let's say the addresses are as follows:

    Virtual IPs  (load balanced address)  (first machine)  (second machine)

    Physical IPs  (first machine)  (second machine)

    The website is HTTPS.  If you go to the HTTP it redirects to the HTTPS page.

    Here is the problem: works perfectly fine. goes to the management page for the pfSense firewall.  This was giving a DNS Rebind error.  What is it about https that prevents it from going to the load balancer and instead goes to the management page?

  • You probably want to change the WebGUI port to something different. (it binds to all local addresses… including the VIPs)