** Does not go online Lan Pfsens **

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    I have the following scenario, I clarify that I have searched for documentation on the internet but it is not very clear, I am new with pfsens.
    The scenario is as follows

    Install pfsens on a physical PC with two WAN, LAN

    I have not created any rules, I need the LAN to go online, but I have not tried and tried several tutorials but without satisfactory results, from the console of the pfsens I have internet ping ping to Google and it answers, I think it is for lack of creation of Rules that the LAN can not go to the internet, I do not know where the rules are created ie (Roles, Aliases)

    Thank you very much for your guidance.

  • Do you have access to the web configurator from LAN?
    If not check the network settings of the involved devices.

    After setup pfSense has an default allow any-to-any rule on LAN interface. The LAN rules should look like shown in the attached picture. The second rule allows any IPv4 access to anywhere (to pfSense and also to the internet). The third rule allows any IPv6 traffic.

    If you can access the pfSense web GUI, go to Diagnostic > Ping and try to ping Google again. Then change the source address to LAN and try it again. Post the results.

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    Viragomann managed to get out to the internet thank you very much, I needed to create the rules.

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