• I did a quick search and came up empty. I am trying to allow PPTP users to access the web. I am having issues with the NAT i think. I have manual outbound nat rules enabled and have never had a problem with them until now. I have pptp clients being assigned an IP of and they can reach anything within the network. I however cannot ping anything outside the firewall.

    My outbound Nat rule goes like this:

    WAN - - * - * - * - * - * - NO

    My Firewall Rule looks like this (in PPTP):

    * - PPTP Clients - * - * - * - * 

    Right now this should allow me to get out to the internet without any problem and do anything within my lan if im not mistaken. I also have squid and the squid viewer package.

    Anyideas or thought would help.


  • bump?

  • Fixed. I was using a different range in the NAT rules then what the PPTP clients were being assigned. Oops!

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