• Hi All,

    I'm having trouble in my Elastix/Asterisk behind PFSense. PFSense version is 2.3.3 and Elastix is 2.4.0. Infra is Headoffice, Remote Site 1 and Remote Site 2 where in Elastix is installed in Headoffice. All remote site are installed with PFSense as Firewall and router as well.

    Headoffice = 192.168.0.x
    Remote Site 1 = 192.168.1.x
    Remote Site 2 =
    Elastix =

    Headoffice subnet VOIP services is working fine. But Headoffice to Remote Site 1 is one-way audio only. Headoffice to Site 1 is connected via site to site VPN and routed.

    Please see my rules. Routing and NAT.

  • Please see packet capture and diag>>states