Corrrect setup for 2.3.4 and a VPN for Windows/Android?

  • It seems there is a ton of old documentation on this subject but not one single correct one. I have extrapolated the older ones and they don't work.

    I have only 1 major difference on the pfSense server, I use HAProxy. Otherwise the setup is pretty basic.

    So, please help me by giving me a URL with instructions that works with the Android Native VPN client and Windows 7. I have followed about 10 and I'm pretty fed up.

  • Could you elaborate on your question?

    Trust me, I've been fed up about ten trillion times too ( ;) ) but - HAProxy aside (which I don't use nor know about), I have W7 and Android too, and it is doable, even easy, if only the documentation were a little bit clearer. I can try to help you.