PfSense as a std static router

  • I have pfsense working as a standard router for inbound connections perfectly

    so basically I have a /30 ip comming into my WAN
    this /30 gives me 4 /24 blocks  and  all 4 /24 ips are going statically (not nat) though to LAN

    this is working right now and all hosts connected to lan are working for outbound as well.  The only problem is the outbound traffic even though its a static IPs and not NATd  get their IP replaced by the WAN ip.  I need the LAN IP to connect to the outside world as its own ip and I cant seem to figure out where I can make this happen.

      XXX.XXX.XXX.204/30  WAN

    YYY.YYY.YYY.1/24    LAN  (acting as gateway for LAN hosts)

    HOST (attached to lan)


  • Did you disable NAT?

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