BIND creating forward zone has an empty resulting zone config

  • Hello

    (DNS name of my internal company has been changed to protect the innocent, etc.)

    I'm trying to setup a forward zone in BIND [for] so I can have certain records point to internal IP's on my LAN and the rest would go out to the internet to the public nameservers.

    The problem I'm having is after I fill in all the values and save, the resulting zone config doesn't get created and thus this doesn't work.

    I apologize if full-page screenshots aren't the best way to show my configuration, but here goes.

    (With regards to the views. I already have different BIND views created that correspond with different VLAN's whose internal DNS hosts I want to keep separate from each other)


  • Also forgot to mention. I was running 2.3.4 so I decided to upgrade to 2.3.4-p1 and no change. It did update BIND though.

  • I'm trying a simpler configuration (no views, only a zone with an "A" record). I have the same problem: the resulting zone config doesn't get created and the server does not reply to queries.

    I'm searching online for some examples and documentation but I haven't found anything helpful.

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