• I recently upgraded my home to a complete PfSense router setup to use with my VPN service. I got the VPN service figured out and do not use VPN when streaming. But whenever I want to stream it is like the firewall completely blocks all traffic outgoing to twitch.tv services. OBS crashes and so does whatever game i am using. I REALLY enjoy pfsense and the benefits of using the router as my vpn client but i also need to stream my content. Is there anyone out there that knows what to do to fix this problem?

    When I start to stream using OBS (pushing from my home to twitch.tv services) my bitrate drops to 0, game crashes, and my internet crawls to a screeching halt - crashing the game I am attempting to stream. I have very little knowledge with how firewalls work and how to allow OBS to stream to Twitch without having any issues. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

  • Netgate Administrator

    I would not expect to have to add anything to allow this. By default the LAN interface allows out all traffic from LAN side clients.

    However if you've added a VPN client you may be policy routing some traffic. That might apply whether or not the VPN is up.

    I assume this breaks streaming even when you;re not using the VPN?