NetGate 2440- LAN Port negotiating to 100M

  • I just recently installed a Netgate 2440 and I can't seem to get the LAN port to negotiate to 1G.

    It's connected to a SG200-26 26-Port Gigabit Smart Switch. The management interface on the switch says that it's "Neighbor" is advertising "10 Half 10 Full 100 Half 100 Full". This port is set to Max Capability advertisement.

    The other weird thing is OPT1 on the 2440 is connected to another port on the same switch and connecting at full 1G. I've switch the cables between these two and nothing has changed, so it's not the cable.

    If I force the switch to only negotiate 1G, the link just goes down. I haven't changed the PFSense setting for LAN from auto (mainly because I don't want to have to reset things via the console)

    Any ideas?

  • ….. aaaaaand nevermind, I must have a faulty port on the switch. I forgot to do the one last permutation of plugging LAN into the other port.

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