Bug with webgui for load balancer status?

  • I setup load balancing today for two separate server pools (2 pools containing different servers) and two "virtual servers" in the load balancer config (one for each pool) in different IP's.  Both virtual servers work, correctly sending the connection to a server in their respectively assigned pools, but something is wrong with the status display in the webgui.  When I goto Status -> Load Balancer in the webgui, there is nothing displayed under pools, and clicking on the virtual servers tab shows their correct name, port, servers, and status, but the description is wrong for the first listed virtual server.  It displays the description from the second virtual server (so both show the SAME description).  I have double checked my config for the load balancing, and even checked the XML config, and the correct descriptions are definetely there.  I also just rebooted pfSense and that didn't change anything either.

    To be clear, load balancing does appear to be working correctly, the description is just wrong for the first virtual server under status, and there's nothing listed under pools in status at all.

    -Rich H.

  • Is anyone else using multiple load-balanced servers under pfSense?


  • <taps microphone="">hello, is this thing on?


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