• Hello everyone,

    We are looking for a central management tool for pfsense.
    Until now we are unable to find a satisfying one.
    At the moment we have around 50+ pfsense firewalls, most of them are on hardware, some are on vmware.

    What we are doing right now is building a portal/dashboard.
    We are thinking for publishing it on github.
    The project will have a service witch will collect data on interval and will save it in a mysql database.
    Currently its on the fly, when this has been build it will be publish.

    I would like to know if someone is willing to help us with this project.

    The application will connect over ssh to the firewall.
    So every commandline command will be posible.

    What can it do right now:
    1. Get pfsense version number
    2. Get Memory status
    3. Get the uptime
    4. Get the tempature (not vmware)
    5. Get the system model
    6. Automatic deployment of management scripts and update
    7. Firewall restart
    8. Firewall update
    9. Config download/backup
    10. Let the system speaker make a sound
    11. Get amount of states

  • Err, nice idea but most likely not liked too much in this forum.
    Not when their (Edit: Netgate's) product is ready and not at all if you're going commercial.


    Future versions of pfSense have a new management model. We’re leveraging YANG, via RESTCONF.

    The webGUI will be present either on our cloud service or on-device, both talking to the ‘back-end’ (written in ‘C’) on the device via a RESTCONF interface. This is just as I said back in February 2015.

    This goes along with a management service (NRDM) to be released sometime in the future.

    Edit: All you need to know in this thread:

  • Thank you for the info, I think we will just keep it for our self’s.
    Hopefully the new management can be installed on own hardware, this is a must for us.