Florida ISP Recommendation - pfSense friendly?

  • hey all, looks like i'm moving to FL in the near future for work.

    Haven't decided exactly where yet, but looking at the Ft Lauderdale area.

    Currently have 150/10 with Cox. It's alright, speeds fluctuate quite a bit.
    I'm honestly planning on downgrading the speed. I very rarely find anything that maxes out the connection for our household, and those things are never time critical.
    I've also got pfSense doing some great work with dummynet & fq_codel now so really not worried at all about lower bandwidths.

    Probably looking at a 50Mbps plan?

    Any recommendations that are:
    Not going to force me to use their own equipment (already own stuff)
    Cable Modem only
    No weird configs that will mess with a pfSense config - I really just want to plug my router in at the new place, change a setting or 2 for limiters and move on.
    Not just a total sh*tshow as far as ISP's go? i.e., not constantly throttling connections, reliable service, etc.

    very consistent bandwidth (Cox I have now is subscribed at 150 but often dips down 120 even to 100 = annoying).
    Cheap per Mbps
    Respectable Upload speed - but doesn't need to be anything special.