Open-VM-Tools Package starts too late to load vmxnet module

  • Hi all, I am a new poster but have been using pfsense for a couple years now.  I was excited to see that the vmware tools have been made availible via the package system, it will allow many more people without cmdline skills to deploy pfsense in vm enviroments.  I have found a problem though that I would ask about as I am not very experienced with FreeBSD.  I loaded Open-VM-Tools into 1.2.1-RC2 Built Sometime today Friday Nov. 21st.  It loads the guestd and the kernel modules after PFSense tries to load the interface info and so the console asks to assign interfaces when none exist.  If you type exit at that promt, it will continue the loading script and will load the modules but it will not assign the addresses to the interfaces.  Any ideas on how to change the order in which the modules are loading?

    Thanks Paul

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