PfSense system crashed and stuck

  • Hi,

    I have made a pfsense system 6 months ago. It was working fine for 4months and suddenly stopped. When I connected the VGA, it shows the start up menu where we select kernel and user type etc. But which ever option we pick, all leads to a  state less black blank screen with an underscore like cursor blinking and nothing. No I/O device works after that unless hard reset with power button held for 3 sec. The firmware updates automatic. Last time I reinstalled it and was working fine for 2 more months and again this same happened. This time I didn't do anything. Is there a way to diagnose the system and see the error log or any methods to see what when wrong to crash like this? I want a permanent solution to not crash.

    If anyone seems to have the same problem and solved, please let me know.


    Nikz Jon

  • Netgate Administrator

    That sounds like a hardware problem. If when it reboots you see a crash report there may be something you can do. Otherwise check the system log for errors.

    We would need to see where it stops in the boot process to know any more.


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