Need help setting up Pfsense Hyper-V with embedded NIC

  • So I've been trying for a while to set up pfsense in this machine in Hyper-V and I am having a lot of trouble.

    I've gotten past original install and cannot get anything to work correctly. This machine has a built in 2 port NIC (embedded broadcom netxtreme pcie gigabit NIC)

    From everything I've seen online I have to create 2 virtual ports in Hyper-V, 1 WAN port 1 LAN, my first question is, do these need to be public, private, internal or external??

    Next issue, when I try to assign the WAN and LAN in origianl setup I get either auto detect or input name of device, all I get are random hn0 dc1 and dc2. No WAN or LAN option.

    When I try auto connect it says input the ethernet into the port then press enter after link-up. I've tried this on both prts and I get the same no link-up detected. so I ignored that and moved on.

    Now I am at the point of assigning default gateway and IP addresses and I cannot access it from the browser, it let me 1 time but never again. I have statics with a block of 5 and input my start and end, subnet, and default gateway address… I need help 😦

  • I have a windows server 2012R2 hyper-v with pfsense, among other things.

    I suggest you use the following setup:

    Create two virtual switches. Call one WAN and the other LAN.

    For the WAN switch, use external network, since it's an external NIC. Do not select allow the management operating system to share this nic.

    For the LAN switch, use external network, since it's also an external NIC. However, do select allow the management operating system to share this nic, so you can access the hyper-v from within the LAN.

    When you create the guest for pfsense, create it with two network adapters, one connected to each of the switches. When you install pfsense, you will need to know the MAC addresses of the two adapters so you can select hn0 and hn1, accordingly.

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