/var/run space totally consumed by gnid.core file

  • My PFsense box stopped working.
    When booting to the shell I saw I was out of diskpace with the 3.4 M reserved for /dev/md0 and  mounted on /var/run completely consumed.
    Further investigation with du led to a file called gnid.core in /var/run that consumes the complete 3.4 M

    The gnid.core file has a timestamp to the latest boot, as do all the files in this /var/run directory

    Can I safely delete that file or how do I decrease its size?  Note that i cannot reach the WebGUI.

    Using Pfsense 2.3.4

    I deleted the dump files but since i get a segmentation error the dump is redone all the time.  After long search I found that I can modify the size of the dumpfile in the /etc/login.conf file

    So that finally solved that problem, but I still have segmentation faults and PFsense is not starting (php processes exit with signal 11).

    I guess I either need to recover my PFsense installation somehow or reinstall everything.

    Total disk size is 30 GB but I do not think there is a way I can just extend the size of /dev/md0 on the fly.

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    Yes, you can of course delete that, though you might want to copy it off the box and submit to the pfSense guys so that they can determine why the unique ID generator nonsense is crashing.

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    If you are seeing random processes crash in that way on 2.3.4, I would be very suspicious of the hardware at that point. RAM issues, overheating, power problems, etc. Could be anything really but there aren't any known 2.3.4 issues that would cause those sorts of crashes. And the gnid program is small and barely touches anything. Hard to believe it would crash due to the code. Possible, yes, but highly unlikely on 2.3.x.

  • Hi, I have the same problem, I could not find an answer in the Russian online segment. In this link, I posted a dump that was saved from me. Prior to the transition to version 2.3.5, there was no such problem.

    gnid.core = 4.7 MB


    ![after rm var.run.gnidcore.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/after rm var.run.gnidcore.jpg)
    ![after rm var.run.gnidcore.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/after rm var.run.gnidcore.jpg_thumb)