Mac Split DNS issue

  • Im having an issue using IpSec on macs where if I send a list in Split DNS like LEAVEMEHERE

    The last entry always seem to have a p^A appended to the end and it breaks using our DNS for that domain.

    output from  "scutil –dns"

    DNS configuration

    resolver #1
      search domain[0] :
      search domain[1] :
      search domain[2] :
      search domain[3] : LEAVEMEHEREp^A
      search domain[4] : home
      nameserver[0] :
      if_index : 4 (en0)
      flags    : Request A records, Request AAAA records
      reach    : Reachable, Directly Reachable Address

    I had to add the LEAVEMEHERE entry so it breaks that instead of one I care about.

    Don't have any issue using shrewsoft on windows with this though. any ideas if this is a mac bug or strongswan ?

  • Had a look at the file /usr/local/etc/strongswan.conf using

    grep "28675" strongswan.conf | hexdump -C

    and it looks like it just puts a newline at the end of the line so can't imagine this is a pfsense bug.

    00000040  4c 45 41 56 45 4d 45 48  45 52 45 0a              |LEAVEMEHERE.|

    Any suggestions to try and work out where the bug is ?

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