Static IP's

  • I was wondering, to use static IP's for devices such an IP camera, do you set the static IP address in the actual device or set it in the PfSense firewall? Which is best practice?

    Right now, I did setup the IP address for my IP Camera in the camera firmware BUT when I try and look for the camera under the Services ->DHCP Leases is not there, I am guessing the obvious that since it was assign by me, it must be somewhere else in the PfSense? If so, where exactly?

    Thank you in advance!

  • When you configure a device with an address, that address is not stored anywhere, other than on that device.  A DHCP server, such as pfSense, has no knowledge of it.  That's why devices now often test an address, prior to using it (mandatory with IPv6).  As for which is better, depends on the situation.  However, having a DHCP server provided fixed addresses for devices makes it easier to change when necessary.  Otherwise you'd have to access each device individually to reconfigure it.  My own devices (laptop, tablet & phone) have fixed addresses at home, so I can point my DNS to them.  Elsewhere they get whatever address they're assigned.

  • Thank you for your input. It makes sense on assigning addresses on PfSense rather than the device itself.

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