Bug report 2.3.4-Release-P1

  • Hi Gents,
    Im using SOHO Pfsense 2220
    Observed LAN network blocked, after tried disable and then enable LAN interface got error. on main web page, even couldn't do restart from web. Fixed issue through serial connection assigned new LAN ip addresses.
    Could someone advise why it is happened or who to eliminate this fail in future? Report bug attached.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The crash report you attached indicates a filesystem issue. The LAN address part might be related, it certainly does not sound like any problem I've heard of unless you had an IP conflict or overlapping networks.

    To fix the filesystem crash, use the console and boot to single user mode. Then run "fsck -y /" a few times until it does not find anything, don't stop when it claims to be clean. It may take 3-5 times.

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