Fiber WAN

  • Dell power 2950

    2 8 core Intel xeons (not hyperthreaded) 3.2ghz
    64gb of registered ecc ddr2 memmory
    2 built in 10gb Ethernet jacks (seperate memory)
    1 gigabit 4 port Ethernet expansion card (seperate cache and processor)
    Raid 1 of 2 360gb 6000rpm sas drives
    Isp: Rogers fiber
    I'm planning on adding a sfp plus card for fiber from isp. Anyone have a hystory with this?

  • That is a waste of power and hugely inefficient. Unless you want to do IDS/IPS and VPN at high speeds for multiple big LANs.

  • One issue with fiber connection specially if its a residential connection, you need to register the serial number of the GPON stick to your ISP to make it work, sometimes even with business grade plan they wont let you use other equipment other than theirs.

    the only viable option is to bridge mode the ONU.

  • For residential, bridge the ONU. Most of the time, their network management systems and support staff has no clue or option to deal with non-standard configurations. For business, if it's easy, you can register your endpoint most of the time and if it's fast and reliably, why not.

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