How can I update Intel SSD firmware via serial console?

  • I recently purchased a used Intel 525 Series mSata 60GB SSD to put into my new PC Engines APU2C4 box.  I haven't installed pfSense into the box yet, as I would like to get all firmware updated first.  I am hoping someone can give me pointers on how to update the firmware for the Intel SSD.  The Intel Firmware Updater Tool is GUI based and doesn't appear to work via the serial console.  Does anyone know of another option to check the existing firmware in the SSD, and then update it if needed?  This is the only hardware that I have with an mSata slot, so I don't have an option to move it elsewhere to do the update.  Thanks.


  • This issue is now a moot point for me.  I just received word from Intel that there has never been a firmware update for the 525 Series SSD's.  I was able to confirm this by finding reference to the appropriate firmware number/code on an Intel web site, and noted that it is the same firmware number/code that is printed on the label on the SSD I have installed.  Sorry for the noise, move along, nothing else to see here.  Thanks.


  • In case someone else runs in to this in the future and finds this post: you can't use GUI firmware updaters, you'll have to find a commandline version and you won't be able to use premade boot media either, you'll have to make your own, with serial console support.

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    Or just do the simple thing and put the disk in a box that you can run the makers updater on.. Ie something with a display..

    If your PCs not new enough to have msata interface, then pick up a card that adds.. They are on amazon for 10$..

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