Public servers responding on host NAT IP's-Please help

  • Hello-

    I am having an interesting issues. I have a set of cameras behind pfsense box. We have a fairly flat network setup in this instance and on this network there are some security cameras. Since I don't manage these cameras they are apart of the the host subnet and are Nat'd out to their own virtual IP's to connect to he monitoring software. This is working fine although last night I navigated to the general host's Public NAT IP and forgot to enter the management port number and one of the cameras login screens popped up on port 80.

    I found which one was responding, checked that it was still viewable on the monitoring software as well as tested the NAT IP that is setup for 1:1 with and this also responds.

    I attempted to use the no binat feature (never used it before but seemed like it is meant to exclude from general subnet NAT rules) and had no change.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Nowhere close to enough information.

    You will need to be more specific. What subnets/addresses are where, exactly what did you do to test - again, specific source/dest addresses and ports, etc.

    A diagram might help. Again, please include specifics.

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