Problem with pfSense-1.2.1-RC2-LiveCD-Installer.iso

  • I'm running using the LiveCD with the configuration saved on a floppy.  I just downloaded and booted with pfSense-1.2.1-RC2-LiveCD-Installer.iso.  Now anytime I try and make a configuration change I get the following error is displayed:

    Unable to open /cf/conf/config.xml for writing in write_config()

  • Cannot reproduce this.  Need more information.

    Also, you should use all of the installer defaults if you are not.

  • I'm not sure what is needed.  Here is what I can think of.  If you need other information please let me know and I will provide it.  I am running pfSense directly from the CD as a live cd.  I do not have pfSense installed on the hard drive. Of course because of this my configuration is saved to floppy.  I have been running this way since before pfSense 1.0. I have never had a problem making configuration changes up to this point.  Thanks.

  • Will look into it more.  Thanks for the report.

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