How to allow/route local pfsense dns requests to vpn-interface?

  • hy,
    i am kind of stuck - i have a vpn client connection up and running, assigned a dhcp interface to it, it gets the ip ( from the vpn server.
    how do i allow pfsense box access to the vpn server ( no natting is required just access to the server (where unbound is running)?
    the vpn client is defined as a gateway in pfsense, but it has an odd op ( is that just a placeholder ip?
    i cant ping any vpn adress from the pfsense shell. dig @ xxx gives me:
    "net.c:589: probing sendmsg() with IP_TOS=b8 failed: Can't assign requested address"
    i am kind of confused which interface i have to put a firewall allow route to.
    i want do define the vpn server as only dns server in pfsense, but since there is no route, it does not work

    update: got it, i forgto to choose the gateway at the dns setting…
    but: where do i have to allow or define something for the box to be allowed to acces the vpn server?

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