Multi-wan visibility em0 (wan) + em1 (wan) = em3 (Lan)

  • Good afternoon Gentleman.

    I am an elderly man.
    Could you kindly enlighten me on the below.

    em0 (wan) + em1 (wan) = em3 (Lan)
    em0 and em1 have existing LANs on them.

    can the LAN's on em0 and em1 see each other?
    in other words are em0 and em1 LAN connections bridged through em3?

    Much appreciated.
    Thank you.

  • Netgate Administrator


    It's not immediately clear what you are connecting here but the short answer is no. pfSense will block all incoming traffic on an interface by default so unless you add rules to allow traffic between those subnets it will not pass.

    If we had a diagram of what subnets you're connecting and a description of why we could probably offer more insight.


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