Hang on boot with embedded "Configuring WAN interface…"

  • Hi.

    I am trying to do a fresh install on a Geode system of embedded 1.2. I have the built-in rl0 (not in use) and a dual Intel NIC (fxp) in the PCI slot. I assign WAN and LAN to the fxp interfaces, then it hangs on "Configuring WAN interface…"

    I waited half an hour to account for DHCP time-outs, but it didn't make any difference.

  • I tried the latest snapshot of 1.2.1RC and it still didn't work  ???

  • M0n0wall hangs too.

    It looks like the machine might actually be hanging. On m0n0 the keyboard stops responding (can't even turn caps lock on/off). I can't tell if pfSense does the same with the serial console, but it's possible.

    Broken card? Broken driver?

  • Are you using console cable with usb adapter ?

  • I'm not sure what you mean. I am using a USB->RS232 adapter because my Thinkpad does not have a serial interface. It seems to work without problems with a single Intel NIC, but not with the dual one.

    I have verified that the card itself is okay. I even exchanged it for another Intel dual NIC with a different PCI bridge chip, but that didn't work either. My guess is that the Neoware BIOS is crap and does not set up the IRQs properly or something.

    It's annoying because otherwise the Neoware might be an excellent and very cheap router, if only it wasn't held back by the on-board Realtek NIC.

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