Mini pc j1900

  • Hi, pfSense newbie here with a question regarding my choice of hardware.

    I just setup one of these mini pc computers with the 4 network ports, running on a J1900 CPU and have a question as to whether it's running too hot between 66-72 degrees Celsius? There's no CPU fan and this case is all smooth (unlike the Qotom's with the radiator fins).

  • That's rather toasty. What does it's specifications say?

  • Very toasty indeed. Especially where that is probably idle. I was actually surprised at the picture you posted as that proc should not go into that type of chassis, it just isn't masde for that. Qotom as you said passes that ambient heat to the radiator fins which is why they can get away with passive cooling in a lot of their products. Put it this way my j1900 runs at about 28c though I will say mine is in a basement that stays rather cool all year at around 68F

  • Did you enable PowerD? Also, as the others posted, that case doesn't suit the SoC.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Link LEDS on the console port don't inspire confidence. Unless they are really wired to show serial activity….

    It's hot but not massively. The maximum junction temperature of that CPU is 105C so it's well below that. If the have design ed the rest of the board and components to run at that temperature it's probably fine.

    Is it using the case as a heatsink? Is it connected correctly?

    Edit: Yeah make sure powerd is enabled as John says.  ;)


  • Okay, thanks guys for the insight. I thought it was on the high side even though on the Intel website it says up to 105C. I will look into PowerD - is it installed automatically in the current stable (2.3.4) of pfSense? If it is, then I probably have it already.

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    It's installed but not enabled by default.

    Go to System > Advanced > Miscellaneous.

    Enable powerd and set all three power types to 'high adaptive'.

    Check the dashboard to see the CPU current frequency. Depending on the CPU load that may make a significant difference.


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