Possible to Do DHCP Relay Server Setup?

  • it doesn't appear the gui would support doing a DHCP Server that is merely just a single IP.

    I'll explain what I mean.

    DHCP can and does support assigning IPs for remote vlans (depending on which dhcp Openvpn uses - expect its isc-dhcp but don't know for sure.


    basically the config change would probably have to be manual and set the DNS to bind to the a specific LAN IP setup in the VLANS.
    Then enable IP helper if the PFSense is doing the routing for the VLANS.

    DHCP setup on VLAN0 and bind to that interface
    client VLAN10 sends broadcast - VLAN10 Interface forwards that request to VLAN0 (IP Helper DHCP Server)

    Trick is a gui that would support this senario.

    Just seems a bit odd to have to setup the DHCP on each interface when its a fairly easy direction to just have DHCP running on one LAN.

    Not sure if there would be any addtional / other headaches just a question.

    many don't seem to understand - like that article shows - many people don't even realize you can have DHCP server running on on remote VLAN and still hand out address'.

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    pfsense can not be a dhcp server for networks it does not have an interface in.

    But sure if you want to run a dhcp server for your network - pfsense can relay the dhcp to your dhcp server.

  • Right but that appears to only be a limitation of the current setup..

    not a limitation of the DHCP server itself.

    is that just a "Management Decision" vs actual capability or another issue with workflow on other items to make it simpler?

    I understand that isn't possible now

    • however I see it does easily support DHCP relay -
      which I can spin up a DHCP server and setup Ranges and data for those Subnets/VLANS just was wondering was all.

    (I really like the dhcp configuration options in a GUI and haven't found a current one I like that supports the Single IP way I'd prefer to do)
    only CLI supported for those configurations - which also isn't bad really - DHCP doesn't really need many edits / changes very often.

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