Pfsense with SDNv2 in SCVMM 2016

  • I am in the process of testing SDNv2 in SCVMM 2016. All the walkthroughs I found for SDNv2 use Windows Server as gateway for remote site. I am looking to use pfsense instead and have managed to get IPSec working. However I am having trouble with setting up the GRE part.

    In SCVMM, the GRE tunnel information you can enter are -

    • Name (name of GRE tunnel)
    • Remote Endpoint (example =
    • GRE Key (example = 1234)
    • Internal IPv4 Address
    • Internal IPv6 Address
    • VM network endpoint IP address (example

    The powershell command used on the Windows Server is

    Add-VpnS2SInterface -Name GREtoTenant -Destination -IPv4Subnet "" -GreTunnel -GreKey "1234" -SourceIpAddress:

    (where is the tenant VM subnet, is the IP of the WAN side of the server and is the VM networking endpoint IP in SCVMM)

    I am trying to achieve the same thing with pfsense. In pfsense, these are the options available for GRE configurations-

    • Parent Interface
    • GRE Remote Address
    • GRE tunnel local address
    • GRE tunnel remote address
    • GRE tunnel subnet

    The only thing I can be sure of is GRE remote address is the VM network endpoint IP in SCVMM. But the rest I just couldn't figure out. In SCVMM there is nowhere you can enter the GRE tunnel address (the internal IPv4 address isn't it).

    I know how to set up GRE connection with two pfsense between two sites. But with SCVMM I just have no clue how. It would be greatly appreciated if someone can please help.

    Reference for SCVMM:

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