Everything working ok on BT Infinity, but PPPoE says it's offline?

  • Hi,

    bit of a strange one - I've got my v2.3.4 system up & running for BT Infinity (fibre) here in the UK, configured WAN to PPPoE and am using bthomehub@btbroadband.com / bt as the PPPoE login credentials.  My WAN port is connecting to a BT OpenReach VDSL modem for our FTTC connection.

    Everything is working fine - great speed too, except the "Gateways" section of my Dashboard in pfSense shows WAN_PPPOE with a Status of Offline in red.  Also I see two different IPs for WAN and PPPoE - is that expected?  Screenshot attached.

    probably something I've done wrong, or not yet done.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Galactic Empire lies in rfc1918 address space it wouldn't be routable on the internet.

    Click on the spanner under gateways and display both, guessing you have a "Rogue" monitor IP thats got in there somewhere, delete it if it shows.

    Also check System -> Routing -> Gateways -> Edit

    Thinking about it, maybe someone has configured on the OpenReach VDSL modem and pfSense has piclked up on it, you can get stats off some of them.