I350 mini pcie problems

  • Continuation of my discussion from fq_codel thread, here is some pictures of the card.

    I flashed the latest firmware to the card yesterday and will try it again today to see if any improvement.

  • I don't think it's fake, just because I did not find it Intel branded at all.
    I've found only Jetway branded, but board revision and design is a little bit different. What I did not like — those patch cords going from card to backplate, I do think it can be root cause of packet loss, but not sure.

  • I have never seen Intel make those somewhat hackish cards. They only distribute chips to hardware makers if their designs make sense AFAIK. That's why most of those miniPCI(e) cards hare Realtek chips, since they don't care.

    The problem is probably with the patch cables. Try shorter cables or shielded cables.

  • well I got good news.

    first the firmware flash did indeed fix adaptive interrupt moderation although that didnt fix the problem at hand, I at least fixed one issue by updating the firmware.

    Second I fixed the PPS issue by disabling random.id packets, using this sysctl.


  • Netgate Administrator

    Interesting. What restriction where you seeing previously, what were the symptoms?

    What are you seeing now with that sysctl unset?


  • Details in this thread steve.


    Basically when PPS got higher than around 2000 I was seeing random dropped packets which even traffic shaping could not resolve.

    Also before the firmware flash I had discovered that toggling AIM had no affect on generated interrupts which I think whilst not the sole cause of the problem did make it worse.