PfSense and Verizon FIOS.

  • Considering getting FIOS but never used fiber.

    Any special hardware I need for fiber connections or will it terminate in Ethernet?

    I only have docsis 3 cable modems. What kind of modem do I need?

    What are ups and downs of FiOS?

  • Verizon will provide an ONT which will have the capability to provide WAN over ethernet or coax (MOCA) as well as POTS and CATV.

    In terms of special hardware, Verizon prefers customers to use Verizon supplied routers. If you are getting television from Verizon and using their set-top boxes (instead of TiVo, for instance) then there are some special considerations. Specifically, their STBs need a MOCA LAN connection to get guide data and VOD. A verizon router is also necessary for remote DVR access. There are extensive FAQ's and tutorials on DSLReports that cover the various options for combining Verizon and 3rd party routers (

    If you are not getting CATV or you are not using Verizon's STBs then there is no issue with using your own router. I use a pfSense based router and TiVo with my FiOS service.

    You're docsis 3 modem will be useless. No modem is necessary. The ONT (optical network terminal) is the endpoint device and, as mentioned, will have an ethernet connection.

    The ups of FiOS are speed and reliability. As a new customer, you should be able to get really attractive pricing on gigabit service. The downs are anything that involves calling them. That is, however, rarely necessary except when you need to renew your contract.

  • Great info, ty! I will be internet only. Interested in the 50/50 plan. Don't need tons of throughout but the competing cable provider isn't very attractive so looking into fiber.

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