Terrible Internet Speeds

  • Hi, We've got a connection of 100/40, Which I can nearly get to when using the speedtest.net website. However that just tests the line speed, our actual download speed varies between 0.5 -1 mbps. What are some settings to check and tests I can run to identify the issue and fix it? Thanks.

  • Speed test makes actual connections to your client. If you can get it on speed test you can get fairly close to that in normal use.

    What are you downloading from that is slow? Ie, server, client, content, etc. That's probably where you issue lies

  • Everything we download is that slow, I used ozspeedtest, which downloads something as a test also. Speeds are awful all the time. There is something preventing this.

  • Well you're going to have to start getting a lot more specific at some point if you want any help on this.

  • No worries, Cat6 Cable straight from NTD 1 on the NBN box, to WAN port on PFSENSE box, The WAN interface is set up as DHCP, however we have a static ip address with our ISP,  We have OpenVPN, IPSEC, DNS Forwarder, DHCP Service, DPINGER, Squid, SquidGuard, SSHD. What other information are you needing.

  • Literally any browser download takes an hour to download 100MB, on a good day. If someone is downloading, the others struggle to be able to browse also.

  • It is entirely possible that one client is hogging all the bandwidth. If you can't rule this out then the easiest way to solve this is to use traffic shaper limiters. Check out the traffic shaking subforum. There's a long post about fq_codel. It tells you how to set it up on the first page. It takes about 5 minutes or less.

    This will ensure that no user can hog bandwidth but if the network is idle then you can still use all that free bandwidth. There's no tweaking really, you just turn it on and it will do the rest.

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    "Squid, SquidGuard"

    Then your not actually downloading anything, the proxy is..

  • Thanks for the input Belt, I have been tracking this, but I can't seem to identify any one device that is using it all.

    Could the squid stuff be what is slowing the connection down so dramatically?

    I am new to this stuff, the guy who built this box has now left, so sorry for my lack of knowledge


  • Try just setting up dummynet and see if it solves the problem.
    For your connection create two pipes, one namede up and the other down.
    Set down for 80,000Kbps and up for 32,000Kbps.
    Under each create one queue weighted 100, set the mask on down to destination and to source on up and select /24 for each.

    Now go to diagnostics > command prompt and run the following command:

    ipfw sched 1 config pipe 1 type fq_codel && ipfw sched 2 config pipe 2 type fq_codel

    Now go to your firewall rules and for all of your pass rules go to advanced options and add the queues you just made, save and apply.
    From left to right  select up then down.

    This will solve your problem if one client is hogging bandwidth. Even if that's not your problem it will make your network more better.

  • What are you downloading and from where? If it's, say an .iso from a legitimate website, you still won't see that 100mbps, but you'll get very decent speeds. But if you're downloading a movie via torrent then that speed depends on the seeders as much as yourself. You may have 40mbps upload, but others probably may have something much worse. The fastest speeds available to me is 60mbps down and 5mbps up. And I live in a fairly developed area.

  • not even get a 1MB download.

    Thanks Belt9 I will give that a try. Thank you.

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    "not even get a 1MB download. "

    From where from what?  before you were saying it was

    "our actual download speed varies between 0.5 -1 mbp"

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    You are testing to speedtest.net from a client behind pfSense and seeing ~100Mbps? Yet a file download on that same client is ~1Mbps?

    Hard to see how anything on the firewall could cause that. Seems more like something upstream that's optimising speedtest.net.

    With that significant a slowdown I would usually check Status > Interfaces for errors or collisions on any interface. That would affect Speedtest equally though.


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    "the guy who built this box has now left, so sorry for my lack of knowledge "

    So it was like this when the guy built it, or has something changed?

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    Yes, very good point!

    Is the connection new if the box is not?

    That also points to a speed/duplex mismatch.


  • @stephenw10:

    That also points to a speed/duplex mismatch.

    How often does that happen these days?  Equipment is normally configured to autonegotiate and fixed speed or half duplex have to be specifically configured.  What does the pfSense dashboard show for the WAN  & LAN bandwidth?  Are there any managed switches that might be misconfigured?  Given that speedtest shows 100 Mb, I doubt anything has wrong speed or duplex.

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    Far more often than you might hope! We regularly see customers hit this sort of issue when their provider supplies them new upstream hardware and it's set to fixed speed/duplex. And the other way around less often.

    Definitely worth checking.


  • I don't think I've ever seen that from an ISP.  On the other hand, I have seen misconfigured switches on a couple of occasions.  Regardless, if he's getting 100 Mb from speedtest, I doubt that's the issue.  Perhaps a bit more info on where he's downloading from might shed some light…  Or perhaps looking at what's on the wire, to see if any problems show themselves.

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    Turn up another inside interface that doesn't use squid/squidguard and test again.

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